BREAKING NEWS: Town of Front Royal, 3 councilmen sued for $30 million

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By Dan McDermott
Warren County Report

FRONT ROYAL, VA – July 15, 2010 – A lawsuit was filed today seeking over $30 million dollars in damages against the Town of Front Royal and three members of Town Council: Vice Mayor Chris W. Holloway and members  Thomas H. Sayre and Carson Lauder.

The lawsuit, on behalf of SolAVerde, LLC, Donald F. Poe and Gregory Horton, all of Warren County, seeks $30,000,000 for defamatory acts, interference with a business relationship, damage to reputation and emotional and mental health and charges the town with defamation.

In addition to $30,000,000 claimed in actual damages, the suit seeks $350,000 per defendant for punitive damages.

The suit centers around pre-election allegations that the plantiffs attempted to bribe the Town Manager.

The suit was filed today by Attorneys David W. Silek and Stephanie S. Ryan of the Manassas law firm Ours and Silek, P.C.

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AUDIO interview from today on The news at Noon from The River 95.3 FM and WFTR 1450 AM.

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  1. Way to go Town of Front Royal Three. We had a chance to have one of the most progressive and forward-thinking industries of the 21st century locate on a a super-fund wasteland, and not only did you manage to screw up that opportunity with all of its attendant benefits, you’ve exposed our town to potentially devastating financial consequences as well. The residents of Front Royal ought to sue you as individuals as well for giving the town a bad name and making it look ridiculous. This whole thing just beggers belief!

    This factionalized and publicly squabbling town council is an embarrassment to us all, and it’s only a shame we have to wait for the next election to put our house in order. Can towns “impeach” their council members?

  2. […] today, Warren County Report exclusively reported that the complaints in a $30 million lawsuit charging the town and three councilmen with defamation and hurting a business would be served after […]

  3. […] today, Warren County Report exclusively reported that the complaints in a $30 million lawsuit charging the town and three councilmen with defamation and hurting a business would be served after […]

  4. Tom Sayre has been making Front Royal look ridiculous since he went on the council.That’s hysterical that he actually got up and ran around the table to get away from the process server.I would think the voters in Front Royal will remember.

  5. what do the people of Front Royal expect when they elect a Coleslaw Magnate and an ice cream truck owner to govern them?

  6. This whole thing just infuriates me. The last time I saw any political body fudge up an opportunity to such a truly mind-bending degree had to be 9/11.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly. A progressive, clean-energy initiative wanted to locate on our lovely *super-fund site* and help our little town get a toe-hold in a burgeoning new industry, turn our environmental record from one of disaster to one of triumph, provide a renewable energy source for our citizens, offer funding for selected local projects, and create clean, green jobs. And our town council in their imminent wisdom said (and I paraphrase), “No, upon careful consideration, we would rather make defamatory accusations, leak them to the press, and get the collective pants sued off ourselves and our town.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s not the answer I’m looking for from local representatives.

    This town council’s actions have potentially hurt every citizen of Front Royal, as precious funding that should be used for necessary services and a few of the niceties that make our town a pleasant place to live must now be expended in defense of their foolishness. I don’t blame the newly elected who had no part in creating this situation, but if there was a man among the three knot-heads responsible, they would step down and be gone. Man up.

    • Very well said Laura, and I hate to sound like a stuck record. But tomorrow night at 7:00 PM is the next council meeting. Everyone who is tired of this kind of behavior from our elected officials needs to show up and let the council know how we all feel. For months we have sat by and allowed a few people do the job that we should be doing. Now they need our help. Please flood the council chambers tomorrow night and make it clear. This type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.

  7. I have had and seen interactions with Sayre before he was even on council. He frequented my job place at the time and I caught him several times being dishonest and very rude. I could not believe it when he was appointed/elected. I thought what a pity and terrible representative for the town. Now this…What a coward in the video to boot…

    • Sayre should loose his law license, he is a disgraceful person who I believe plays the divinity con whenever he can, if he does not pay now he will pay later. What a loser.

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