Video: Watch the candidates for Town Council

Part 1: “How do you view municipal government’s role in the lives of its citizens and how do you view a councilman’s role in that government?”

Part 2: “A majority of citizens at two recent public hearings favored a plan to raise taxes to avoid cuts in services. A majority of voting members of town council also favored that plan, along with the mayor. Because the plan required a super majority 4th vote, a minority was able to prevent a tie with an abstention and block the required 4th vote. Do you think that’s the way the system was intended to work? If not, should town and state codes be changed or revisited regarding that super majority requirement on tax increases?”

Part 3: “Do you favor increasing taxes on meals, lodging, cigarettes or other ‘luxury items?”

Part 4: “Do you favor increasing taxes on meals, lodging, cigarettes or other ‘luxury items?’ Also, who do you identify as your constituent base and do you feel a special allegiance to that group?’

Part 5: “What do you think are the major issues now and what would your priorities be through a four-year term?”

Part 6: “What is your attitude toward the proposal to build a large solar power field and solar panel manufacturing facility and what should the town government’s role in that be?”

Part 7: “Front Royal Town Manager J. Michael Graham recently survived an ouster move. What is your perception of the performance of the town manager and  would you vote to keep or sack him if the issue were revisited? (Correction: In website video interviews with the town candidates we mistakenly referenced Mayor Eugene Tewalt’s anticipated tiebreaking vote in favor of Town Manager Michael Graham, which the mayor had stated he would have made last November. That potential tiebreaker vote was averted following a scathing public appraisal of any council effort to remove the town manager on Nov. 23rd. While a trio of councilmen had been highly critical of Graham’s actions surrounding solar negotiation and information flow beginning at a Nov. 2nd work session, Tom Conkey’s motion to remove the item from the Nov. 23rd meeting agenda following a strong public showing of support of the town manager passed by a unanimous roll call vote.)

Part 8: “The town of Front Royal is a part of Warren County. What’s your perception of  current relations between the two governments and how can those relations be improved or maintained in a positive light?”

Part 9: Our final moments with Robert Tennett, Jr. “If you approach an issue with a certain perspective and then you get information contradicting your initial opinion, how do you react approaching a vote? You are a rookie candidate. Why should people be confident that you bring the qualifications to the table to be an effective councilman? Were you surprised at getting the Tea Party endorsement?”

Part 10: Our final moments with Shae Parker. “If you approach an issue with a certain perspective and then you get information contradicting your initial opinion, how do you react approaching a vote? Is there any difference in how you would view your role as an elected councilman versus the appointed role you’ve served for almost two years in the wake of all the hoopla over appointed members’ rights? You missed a meeting recently due to a flare-up of pancreatitis. How should the electorate view your health? Should that be a concern for them?”

Part 11: Our final moments with Bret Hrbek. “Recently you refused to support a 1.5% real estate tax increase but said you would support a 1% hike. Since you had previously supported a 3% increase, why did you make that .5% distinction? Were you surprised the local tea party endorsed you? You came to council at a young age. What do you know now about the function of government and how has the previous four years improved you as a councilman? Are you committed to four years on council or would you consider a run for mayor in 2012?”

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  1. wow nice stuff man.

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